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      what does odg mean?

      Ever heard of Charles Spurgeon? Our first shirt ever was our Charles Spurgeon Gangster T-Shirt. 

      Charles Spurgeon was a bold & powerful pastor who is known for his eloquent & fiery style of preaching. Some even called him the Prince of Preachers. 

      In college, my friends and I used to refer to him (and others like him!) as OGs, original gangsters or ODGs for old dead guys. 

      We had grown tired of the famous pastors of today who are sometimes a little too fluffy, preaching a message that is watered down & bleh. But not these guys (and girls!). They were bold. They were powerful. They spoke with fervor & zeal! 

      That's why we call them the OGs... or the ODGs, old dead guys. There is something different you experience when you read sermons & books by these ODGs, you see men & women who knew God differently. 

      They spoke as though they really knew God. This is why we call them the ODGs. 

      Old dead guys (or gangsters!) whichever you prefer!

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