Feel Confident In Your Evangelism: 5 Helpful Bible Study Tips

Dig deeper in your personal Bible study to erase fear, strengthen faith, and become better at talking about Jesus with family and friends.


  • 1. Begin with prayer.

    The Bible is not a textbook or an instruction manual. The Bible is living and active… it changes minds, heals hearts, and confronts sin. Before you start digging into that day’s study, pray that God would reveal new things and give you the confidence to talk about Him with others.

  • 2. Write out the passage yourself.

    Let’s say you’re learning how to play the guitar. You start with the basics — strumming, hand placement, chords, rhythm — but the first songs you play aren’t originals. They’re usually your favorite covers by someone else. You learn by playing what they played. It’s the same with study. Take pen and paper and write what they wrote. Enter into the author’s experience.

  • 3. Ask questions.

    And write them down. You probably have the same questions as your family and friends. If you can do the work to find the answers, you’ll be that much more confident when talking about it with others. If you don’t get an answer, keep trying. And if you’re talking about it with someone, it’s okay to say “I don’t know either… want to try and find out together?”

  • 4. Study with others.

    Joining a small group will give you practice talking about the Bible, not to mention hold you accountable, expose you to perspectives different than yours, and encourage you to be more confident in your Gospel conversations.

  • 5. How does this apply to me?

    Before you end, ask yourself: “How does this passage apply to me today?” The proof of Jesus Christ is in a changed heart. There’s a reason that God’s kingdom always grows in the midst of persecution. Early Christians were joyous in poverty, cheerful in sickness, and hopeful in death — and others around them could only explain it as the supernatural work of God and begin to believe themselves. The best way to prepare for conversations about Jesus is to prepare yourself.

Have you ever missed the perfect opportunity to talk about Jesus because you were afraid you didn’t know enough about the Bible?

The whole idea behind ODG Apparel is to spark curiosity and start conversations. God wants to bring you more conversations about Jesus and your job is to listen, love, and hold the space for that person to feel God’s love. When you’re answering questions instead of asking them, the mood is non-confrontational and the interaction is light... but that moment could change a friend forever.

You should be able to talk freely about Jesus in a way that breathes life into you and someone else’s day. And that all starts with curiosity, not debates where you feel like you have to “win” in the end. God changes hearts and brings people to Himself. That’s why our founder David created ODG Apparel and makes sure each design sparks a question — because having a conversation is better than proving a point.

At ODG Apparel our designs are meant to spark conversations with people who are genuinely open to learning about God. And every conversation starts with a question and our designs are meant to spark those questions.

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We tend to avoid overtly Christian references that give away the whole story — not because we’re afraid of being bold, but because we don’t want our apparel to be bold for us. We’d rather focus on designs that cause someone to look a second time and maybe stare for a few seconds. That’s when they stop and ask. And that’s when we can be obedient to share Jesus with the world around us by having a simple conversation about a shirt, hoodie, sticker, or any of our designs that all point back to Jesus.

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My name is David and I started ODG Apparel because I’m pretty sure about three things in life: God loves me, He made me an entrepreneur, and He wants everything I do to be about Him.

So… I have a confession: ODG Apparel actually started as a joke.

It didn’t stay a joke for long though.

Every time I wore the shirt I got into a conversation with someone about Jesus. It was the easiest icebreaker I’d ever seen for getting into really good spiritual conversations… sometimes with total strangers!

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And most importantly, keep seeking Jesus. He is worth it.

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