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Where it all started.

We had an idea for a single T-Shirt years ago that would help us preach the gospel. But not like (most) other Christian tees. We wanted it to be different. 

We wanted it to be creative, eye-catching, & really stinking well made. 

See, we created a Christian tee that wewould actually wear because even though we started a Christian T-shirt company, we never ever, EVER wore Christian stuff before.

Why? Because most of them were cheesy & poorly designed & printed on cheap, itchy material. Not all of them, but most of them. For one reason or another, Christian companies used to only make stuff that your grandma would want to buy you. And we think God would want it to be done better than that. 

So, we decided to change it.

We only create the best, well made designs on the softest, high end materials. We guarantee it will be that kind of shirt you have to wear.

Or that kind of sticker you have to tell your friends about. 

Or the canvas you can't wait to hang in your office. 

Yeah, it isn't just T-Shirts anymore. 😉




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