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    Here are some details to help you understand when to expect your product:

    We produce our items to order (for the most part!), which means a few things..

    We ain't Amazon Prime yo. sadly...🙁

    When your order comes through we actually put it on a 24 hour hold. That gives you 24 hours to double check your order for size or color or design or whatever else. If you happen to order the wrong item we can get that fixed while it is in that 24 hour holding phase. 

    After that holding phase your item(s) will go into production!

    Our average production time is around 3-10 days. Sometimes it may be more, or less, this is just an estimate. If a product is out of stock by chance, it may add a few days to that.

    Then once it is finished with production we ship it out! You should receive an automated email when your item is shipped & shipping takes 3-10 days, depending on where you live. If international, it could take up to 30 days. 

    With that info, your items could get to you as quickly as a week or so, or up to 20 or so days. 

    24 Hour Hold + 3-10 Days for Production + 3-10 Days for Shipping = Awesomeness 🤩🔥

    If your order is within that window, then you are all good. No need to panic. If your order is outside of the window just shoot us an email here.

    Please provide us with the following information so we can help you best:

    Order #

    Also, it is often the case that we ship our items separately as they are produced in different facilities. Don't be surprised if you see some items come first and then other at other times. That is just sort of how we do it!

    Some frequently asked questions about shipping:

    Why did I get my sticker and not my t-shirt? or I got my hat but nothing else?

    We often ship our items out separately. The reason that is is because we produce our items to order and sometimes they are produced at separate facilities. So it just makes more sense for us to ship them separately. Nothing to worry about!

    I entered my address wrong and it's already been past the 24hour hold period! Ahh, what do I do?

    Dang. That is a bummer. So what will happen is your product is most likely shipped or in transit and there isn't much we can do about it now, but we need to know so we can get it fixed. Just reach out to us here and let us know your name and order # and correct address and we will figure it out from there! But either way we will get it fixed!


    If for some reason your shipping related question wasn't answered here just reach out to our shipping department and they can definitely get it figured out! Make sure to provide them with your name and order # 'cause they haven't mastered mind reading yet...🤣🤣