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      The ODG Apparel Podcast

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      Jen oshman

      Ep# 14

      Listen Time: 53:57

      On this episode we chat with Jen Oshman. 

      Jen is a blogger, missionary, pastor's wife, mom & so many other amazing things. Listen in as we chat about the cost of following Jesus, the joy, and everything in between.

      Blog Audio

      Ep# 13 - "Be Still, I Got This - God"

      Listen Time: 42:30

      This is the audio for our blog "Be Still, I Got this. - God" 

      We breakdown what God really means when he tells us to be still & why that doesn't mean everything will be fine, but something so much better.

      Blog Audio

      Ep# 12 - "All Crowns Upside Down"

      Listen Time: 04:27

      This is the audio for our blog, "All Crowns Upside Down" as we look at what John means in Revelation when he writes about the elders casting their crowns at Jesus' feet & why we should do the same.

      Luke Lezon

      Ep# 11

      Listen Time: 41:14

      On this episode we chat with Luke Lezon about what it's like being Twitter-famous as well as what it's like meeting with God in the midst of tough times & chaos.

      If you have ever asked God, "What are you doing?!" then this podcast is for you!


      Ep# 10

      Listen Time: 49:03

      On this episode we chat with the man behind this hysterical Christian meme account and why Facebook almost shut him down. 

      PS - We ask the most important question ever: The Office or Parks & Rec?

      Michael Maiocco

      Ep# 9

      Listen Time: 1:01:18

      On this episode we chat with Michael, one of our designers about God & art and how he creates all his work for the glory of God. 

      If you are an artist or see the beauty in all that God does, you will love this one!


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