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      The ODG Apparel podcast πŸŽ™

      We love talking about Jesus. You should listen. 


      jerrad Lopes/dad tired

      ⏱ Listen Time: 25:58

      Jerrad Lopes is a Christian pastor and the founder of DadTired.com, a non-profit ministry focused on equipping men to lead their family well. He hosts the weekly Dad Tired Podcast, listened to by hundreds of thousands of men from around the world. 

      Listen in as we chat with Jerrad about his podcast and how living out the Gospel is always pointing to Jesus and not self!  


      ⏱ Listen Time: 43:18

      HillaryJane is a Christian Music artist, rapper, Youtuber, bible study writer, and creative content creator! You can check out her latest music at: www.heyitshj.com/ 

      Listen in as we chat about depression, music, and using creative abilities for God's glory.


      ⏱ Listen Time: 45:49

      Glenna Marshall is the author of The Promise Is His Presence (P&R, 2019). You can connect with her at glennamarshall.com, where she writes about suffering, biblical literacy, and God’s faithfulness.

      Listen in as we chat about God's goodness, faithfulness, and sovereignty in good times and bad.


      ⏱ Listen Time: 55:14

      C. J. Quartlbaum is a writer and speaker from Brooklyn, New York. He serves as the director of community groups at Apostles Church Brooklyn. You can follow him on Twitter and contact him on his website. 

      Listen in as we chat with C.J. about living & preaching the gospel!


      ⏱ Listen Time: 58:13

      Adoption is one of God’s most beautiful symbols in all of the Bible. 

      Listen in as we chat with Tim Crist, who works with Lifeline Child Services, about his own personal journey with adoption and how we the church can get engaged as well. 

      Regardless of if you have ever thought about adoption this podcast will help you see God’s heart in all of it.

      Lev Bure

      ⏱ Listen Time: 38:34

      His mom is Candace Cameron-Bure, the famous actress, aka DJ Tanner & his dad was a professional hockey player. NBD.

      We chat with Lev about what it was like growing up in the spotlight, the struggle to follow Jesus, and using your platform to share the most important message ever: the good news of Jesus.

      Jen Oshman

      ⏱ Listen Time: 53:57

      Jen is a blogger, missionary, pastor's wife, mom & so many other amazing things. 

      Listen in as we chat about the cost of following Jesus, the joy, and everything in between.  

      Luke Lezon

      ⏱ Listen Time: 41:14

      On this episode we chat with Luke Lezon about what it's like being Twitter-famous as well as what it's like meeting with God in the midst of tough times & chaos.

      If you have ever asked God, "What are you doing?!" then this podcast is for you!

      Honest Youth Pastor

      ⏱ Listen Time: 49:03

      On this episode we chat with the man behind the hysterical Christian meme account @HonestYouthPastor and why Facebook almost shut him down.

      PS - We ask the most important question ever: The Office or Parks & Rec?

      michael maiocco

      ⏱ Listen Time: 1:01:18

      On this episode we chat with Michael, one of our designers about God & art and how he creates all his work for the glory of God. 

      If you are an artist or see the beauty in all that God does, you will love this one!

      jeff medders

      ⏱ Listen Time: 42:15

      On this episode we chat with Jeff Medders about his newest book, "Humble Calvinism".

      If you are afraid of that word "Calvinism" then this podcast is definitely for you.Jeff, breaks it down for us & explains why some Calvinists are rude & why they definitely should not be. 

      jason smith

      ⏱ Listen Time: 45:01

      On this episode we chat with Jason Smith.

      He is a church planter + pastor who loves him some University of Miami football.

      Listen in as we chat about a God who is way bigger than your biggest mistake.   

      Cody Podor

      ⏱ Listen Time: 1:01:07

      On this episode we chat with Cody Podor, a youth pastor out of Indiana & one of the wisest people we know. 

      Seriously, the dude has his PhD. 

      Listen in as we chat about the slow process of growing in Jesus & the peace that comes with it.

      sam hays

      ⏱ Listen Time: 41:14

      On this episode we chat with student pastor & coffee snob, Sam Hays. 

      A good friend + thinker who is constantly asking the question, "How can we glorify Jesus with everything?"  

      forrest krazit

      ⏱ Listen Time: 1:01:59

      On this episode we chat with worship pastor, Forrest Krazit.

      We get to know him & his passion for music & using it for God's glory. We also figure out how to not be a creep when looking for a spouse.  


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