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We know that times are tough. This COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos around the world, but we also know that it is in moments like this that the church can bring light to dark places!

ODG Apparel is on a mission to serve the local church (however we can!) in these unprecedented times. 

We have put together a short survey, to learn about the needs of pastors & local church to find out how we can serve best.

Fill out a short questionnaire by clicking below and someone from our team will reach out as we figure out how we can serve you best

ABOUT US (& ME...)

My name is David & I started ODG Apparel because I am pretty sure God has called me to be an entrepreneur and to use that gift for His glory. 

ODG Apparel all started after I made a shirt, as a joke, with Charles Spurgeon's face on it & the word "Gangster". Spurgeon was a bold preacher from back in the day! My friends & I used to jokingly refer to him as a gangster for his boldness in the pulpit. 

But the funny thing was, every time I wore the shirt I somehow got into a conversation with someone about Jesus. People would ask about it, so I would tell them. (You can see that shirt here)

So the company was born. And it's been a wild ride ever since. 

We don't just make that one shirt any more. We have over 60 designs (and more coming basically every week). We do shirts, stickers, hoodies, journals, and a whole bunch of other things with super interesting and well made designs. 

All for one purpose: to start more conversations about Jesus & His gospel.

Everything we create is meant to have people ask, "What does that mean?" and that is the spark 🔥 of a conversation. And trust us, you will have a bunch more conversations when you wear our stuff. Probably a whole lot more than you were expecting. 😂

We tend to avoid overtly Christian references because we don't want someone to just ignore it and walk on by. We definitely aren't afraid of being bold, but we would rather be bold in a conversation then have a shirt be bold for us. We want them to stop and ask. That's the point. 

Check out our shop, reach out if you have any questions, we are always chatting & responding to DMs on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, & Email, and most importantly, keep seeking Jesus. He is worth it. 

- David from ODG Apparel

Check out this 👆 Stop Being Dead shirt here

If you want to get in touch with me directly reach out below:

IG: @davidcotronejr

Email: david@odgapparel.com

Everything We Make Has One Purpose
Help Christians start more conversations about Jesus with the world around them.

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