ODG Apparel started with a very simple question...

"Why does Christian apparel have to be so cheesy?"

David Cotrone, the founder of ODG Apparel, started referring to preachers from the past as ODGs, or Old Dead Gangsters, as a joke. And he created our first shirt to get a laugh—putting the face of Charles Spurgeon, a bold preacher from the 1800's, on the front and the word "Gangster" underneath.

It was funny but something unexpected happened...

People started asking what it meant.
And that started more conversations about Jesus than we could count.

Seeing the response, David began creating other funny designs that got a laugh, but also made people ask questions: Bear Fruit, Bear Witness, Don't Be A Demas, and more.


Before long, ODG Apparel had grown to over 60 designs, including shirts, stickers, hoodies, journals, and a whole bunch of other things—all with thoughtful designs proven to get people asking about Jesus.

As ODG Apparel grew, so did the team.

Enter Sara Hoomes and Ryan Day, friends of David who wanted to see more people get into conversations with Jesus using non-cheesy Christian apparel.


Over the next several years, as ODG Apparel grew, David decided to hand the company off to Sara and Ryan, who run it today.

The owners may have changed, but the vision has stayed the same:

Every ODG Apparel design is created to spark real life conversations about Jesus.


We know how easy it is to talk about something, especially the Gospel, when someone else breaks the ice. We're constantly amazed at the community we've helped build here. And that's why we're excited for the future of ODG Apparel—because we've got so many ideas for designs that will get your friends and family just begging you to talk about Jesus!


We try to respond to every message... so say hi! 👋