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      the odg apparel dna

      We believe that as Christians, we have a special responsibility to care about the way we run our business.
      This is our DNA. 

      Our Mission

      Design & create quality apparel & accessories that honor Jesus & help foster as many conversations as possible about Him & His worth. 

      How we do this matters

      We believe that every step of this process matters to Jesus. Not only what we design, but how we make it, and how we treat the people that help us make it & ultimately the customer who buys it. 

      We strive for excellence

      We care about excellence because we believe Jesus does. He tells us that in whatever you do, do it as though you are working for him and with him. And that is how we treat ODG Apparel. So whether it is a customer service question or a decision about what materials to use, we always err on the side of doings with excellence in mind instead of cost.

      quality > Less expensive

      When faced with a decision between something being cheap or not made as sustainably, or eco-friendly, we believe that quality is more important. That is what drives our decision making. We could create cheaper quality shirts or stickers, but that is just isn't what we are about. We will always look to be creating the highest quality that is still affordable for our customers.

      eco friendly ♻️

      This business is always evolving & so is the industry. We strive to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can & this is why all of our t-shirts are manufactured by Bella Canvas when possible who is WRAP certified & zero sweatshops. 

      They are a green company through & through using solar energy to power their sewing & cutting facilities & they have almost zero waste. Let nothing to to waste!

      What Principles Does the WRAP Certification Include?- Human resources management
      - Health and safety standards
      - Environmental and eco-friendly practices

      - Legal compliance including import/export, customs compliance and security standards

      usa strong 🇺🇸

      Bella Canvas, who manufacturers all of our t-shirts is one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in America, providing well of 1,000 jobs in the US. They are always pushing the envelope to add more volume and add even more jobs, as are we.

      Any of our products not currently manufactured in the US are being done in the best facilities we can find or USA based solutions are being explored. 

      truth in design matters

      What we design & the truths behind them matter to us deeply. We aren't out to make a buck on the gospel.

      We want to push the gospel out into the world. This is the means we have been given & we are going for it. 

      Every design is meant to point back to a real, sometimes hard, Biblical truth. If you want a cheesy, Christian design you ended up at the wrong place. 

      it's not our business

      At the end of the day, this isn't really our business, it's His. We don't work it with our strength or resources, we work it His. And that is a huge part of our DNA & who we are.

      We aim to use as much of the profit as possible on Jesus Kingdom sort of stuff. It's not our money, it's His. Some businesses give 10%, or 5% or whatever, but our goal is to give all of it that we can. 

      We have families and we hope to feed them with the profits, but more importantly we hope to use as much of the profit as possible to grow the kingdom. A lot of our money currently goes to youth ministries like Young Life & missionaries overseas. 

      As John Wesley famously said, "Don't ask how much of your money you should give to God, but how much of His you should keep for yourself." 

      This is the motto that runs our entire business. It's all His. 

      Let's be friends

      We try to respond & interact with every DM, so come say hi!