WHO WE ARE: The ODG Apparel DNA 🧬

We believe that as Christians, we have a special responsibility to care about the way we run our business.
This is our DNA. 


It doesn't have to be way more complicated than that. 

In everything we do as a company, we want to do it with excellence. As well as as we possibly can. Not perfection, excellence. 

There is a difference between excellence & perfection. Only Jesus is perfect but we can strive to do thing as well as we are capable of and when we mess up, we will fix it with excellence.


Well Jesus is King, but quality is very important to us. 

Our goal is to create the best quality gear, whether it is apparel, stickers, or anything else with quality being our number one focus. We want it to be printed well, made to last, and the type of thing you look forward to using. Not something you buy, wear once, and then sell in a garage sale.

Not all companies think like this, and that is OK, but we decided that quality will always be king for us.


Fashion is not usually great for the environment unfortunately, but we have decided to do things differently. 

As often as we are able to we partner with manufacturers with strict guidelines on how they care for the environment. One of our main manufacturers in apparel is Bella + Canvas because of their amazing concern for the environment and the people they employ. 

We will always be looking for ways to care for the environment with how we do things because as Christians we should. Jesus has given us this world and we should care for it well.


This includes our vendors, our employees, and most importantly our customers. 

As Christians, it would be insane for us to talk about Jesus and then not try our very best to treat everyone we interact with the way that Jesus calls us to. 

Jesus means everyone when he tells us to love our neighbors. Not just the people that are nice to us. So even the customers that yell and scream at us for no reason, yeah, we love them too. 


Doing things the right way has never been up for debate. 

We strive to have as many steps of our manufacturing process accomplished within the USA. We are dedicated to this because we believe in workers being cared for like they should be. 

No sweatshops, none of that is acceptable to us or Jesus. 


As a Christian, every dollar you have is His. And we feel the same way about this business. 

As we make money, we are constantly seeking the Lord on how it should be used, whether back into our manufacturing process or our website or to be given to missionaries and the poor. 

People ask us all the time, "How much of your money is donated?" And we don't have a hard and fast number. We can't say 10% or 5% or 2% or 20%. It's all His. So we give as much away as we possibly can. 

Our favorite ministries to give to are Young Life, InterVarsity, and directly to missionaries in foreign places. 


We aren't just here to make stuff that sells. We are here to make stuff that matters and that is true. 

There are ton of designs we see out on the internet that are catchy, or controversial, but sadly, they just aren't true. And because they are controversial they probably make some good money on them.

That is not us. We care deeply about designing stuff that is true and that matches up with Scripture and the heart of God. In everything we do, whether it's podcasts, blogs, Instagram, our designs, or anything else, we will strive with everything to only produce stuff that points to the real Jesus of the Bible. 


No matter how hard we try, here is what we know for sure: we are going to mess things up. 

You might order something that isn't printed well and our busy manufacturing team missed it, or we shipped you the wrong amount of stickers or we forget to email you back on time. 

This stuff happens. We try our absolute hardest and would like to believe that it happens a whole lot less with us than with others, but we would be lying if it didn't happen.

But here is what we can promise: We will make it right. No matter what it takes, we will do whatever we have to to make sure you feel cared for and you get exactly what you were hoping to. 


We have a really simple return policy: We got you.

No matter what, we will do whatever we can to make it right. Just like we wrote above. We are going to make things right, and easy to get fixed. 

If it doesn't fit, or it's the wrong color, or you just plain don't like it. Don't worry, just email us or shoot us a DM on social media and we will take care of it as best as we possibly can, so buy with confidence knowing that we won't leave you hanging. 

Let's Be Friends!

We try to respond & interact with every DM, so come say hi!