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    We want to do whatever we can to make sure we get you a product that fits the way you want it to! When it comes to sizes and your item not fitting the way you want we have a couple options:

    1. We can give you a link for a replacement item of your choice at our lowest possible price. Our lowest possible price is 50% off whatever your item is + the cost of shipping. 

    This is our quickest option. You don't have to ship anything back to us and you simply place another order and pay for 50% of the product + whatever shipping comes out to & we will pay for the other 50%. 

    *50% of original price w/o any discounts*

    Click here to start the Option 1 process

    2. You can return your item to us at your cost. When we receive it we will send you a link for the same item for free but you’ll have to pay whatever shipping comes out to. Usually a few bucks. 

    Click here to start the Option 2 process




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