You purchase a mask. We donate one to a church. It’s that easy.


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We’re all in this together!

We want to get protective masks to people who need them. Buy a mask below and we’ll match it by sending one out to a church completely free of charge.

God Wants Us To Do What We Can

Wear the Gospel while doing it too.

Everything we make is meant to spark conversations about Jesus — including these masks! When someone asks why you’re wearing a mask, it’s an easy way to tell them that God wants us to do everything we can to protect the people around us.

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Will you make any money?

Nope. The cost of your mask allows us to make two. We just want to do our part and help in ways that we can.

How do I wash my mask?

All masks are machine washable in hot water and can be tumble-dried. We recommend washing your mask before first use and following after every wear.

Who are you donating masks to?

We’re not limiting our donations to just one organization. We’ll be partnering with local churches to determine the best course of action once we’re ready to ship the donations.

Are these masks safe to wear?

Yes. But this mask is not a replacement for medical grade N95 masks. Please continue to practice social distancing and keep washing your hands.