Do you bear Fruit?!

We are so excited to get you to join in this movement of starting as many conversations about Jesus that we want to give you this shirt for basically free. 😲

You might be asking...

Why?! 🤔

We know you will love it!

This will immediately become one of your go to shirts to wear. We made it that way on purpose! We wanted it to be super high quality so you actually wear it. 

You will have more conversations about jesus!

That is the main goal! We want to help you be more bold with your faith. 

Instead of just thinking about talking to your friends about Jesus, we want you to actually do it. 

Check out our email tomorrow to snag this awesome t-shirt at our cost!

See what people are saying!

Awesome products that have started numerous conversations in my life! I have loved all the products I have received and the customer service is amazing!! thank you for facilitating conversations with those I don't know how to approach.

- Sarah S.

Apparel with a purpose!Their products are not only great quality, they also have generated a lot of questions, which is super helpful in springboarding into a gospel conversation!Love these products!

- Andrew m.

This is such an awesome company. I love the mission, and every interaction I have with them is so smooth and wonderful. It’s always right and I’ll be a longtime customer!

- Hannah M.

It’s hard to find gospel-related clothing that actually looks good, and ODG apparel is the best I’ve found so far! Love their vision and their clothes, can’t recommend them enough.

- Lori m.

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