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      Wait! our customers keep telling us that one isn't enough...

      So we have finally listened and created more than just one free sticker option!

      Choose How Many Stickers You Need, Then Head to Shipping →

      Most popular selection

      $5.00 USD$0.00 USD

      We can only ship one per household

      $5.00 USD$0.00 USD
      $5.00 USD$0.00 USD
      $5.00 USD$0.00 USD

      Great for Bible studies!

      $5.00 USD$0.00 USD

      Great for youth groups & churches!

      $5.00 USD$0.00 USD
      • Shipping 3-7 days after processing for USA 🇺🇸

      • If you don't love it, we will exchange it, return it, whatever it takes to make it right! 

      • Great for sharing the gospel with friends!

      Great Gift For Your Friends!

      Get some extra Bear Fruit Stickers for friends, family, or church & help them share their faith just like you!

      Learn More About Our Bear Fruit Sticker

      They are no joke. Durable, water resistant & super cool. Most importantly, they can help you talk about Jesus.

      The Ice Breaker You Didn't Know You Needed.

      These aren't just stickers & we aren't just a sticker company. 

      Our company is solving 2 very real problems:

      1. We don't talk about Jesus enough.

      2. Christian stuff is usually cheesy.

      We decided it was time for a change.

      We all know we need to share our faith more.

      My name is David & I started ODG Apparel because I need to share my faith more. All of us do. Everything that we at ODG do and create is centered around having more conversations with the world around us about Jesus.

      So we make shirts, stickers, hoodies, journals, and a whole bunch of other things with super interesting and well made designs, so that people ask, "What does that mean?" and that is the spark 🔥of a conversation. And trust us, you will have a bunch more conversations when you wear our stuff. More than you were expecting. 😆

      We avoid Scripture verses, and overtly Christian references because we don't want someone to just ignore it and walk on by. We want them to stop and ask. That's the point. 

      Check out our store, reach out if you have any questions, and most importantly, keep seeking Jesus. He is worth it. 

      - David from ODG Apparel

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