Author //  RYAN DAY Read Time // 2-3 minutes    Date // OCTOBER 26, 2020

“Can you throw this ball into the air and hit the sun?”

I love my children. 

Ruthie has never found a tree she didn’t want to climb. She’s adventurous, funny, smart, and makes the best pancakes you’ve ever tasted. She’s 7 years old with a grin and head of curly hair that makes her look like an extra in a movie filled with hobbits.

Matthew loves to laugh. His smile is infectious. He loves learning about worms and spiders and insects of all kinds. He’s 2 years old and tells the wind goodnight before he goes to sleep.

I sometimes find them out on the front lawn when I get home from work and they always want to play. I don’t always want to play. But more often than not I relent and within minutes I’m having a blast. 

Recently though, Matthew has started carrying a baseball bat and ball to me and then running to the opposite end of the yard and waving his hands. He obviously wants me to hit the ball to him.

So I do. Over and over I hit him the ball and he chases it down, runs it to me, and then he gets back in place for the next round.

Yesterday, Ruthie interrupted our game asking how high up I could throw the ball. Matthew exclaimed “YEAAAAHHHHH!” because, obviously, he wanted to see too.

So I threw the ball up in the air.


I threw the ball again.



“Can you throw this ball into the air and hit the sun?”

I laughed. I nearly threw my shoulder out getting the ball as high as I could. I was genuinely impressed with myself. The kids were too.

“WHOOOOOOAAAAAAA!” they both yelled as they stared at the ball going higher than they thought possible.

After I told them it would be a few more minutes before my arm was ready for another throw, Ruthie said...

“You almost hit the sun! I can’t believe it!”

Matthew chimed in with another “YEAAAAHHHHH!” and gave me a big hug.

Then they both left, smiling and laughing. They had seen what they came to see. All they wanted to see was their daddy throw the ball as high as he could. It was enough and it was good.

As I thought about it later that night, I realized I don’t often do what my children did that day. 

I rarely ask God to do things there’s no way I could ever accomplish. It’s easy for me to ask Him for help in the trivial or the day to day — but when it comes to things that I could never do on my own, I don’t dare ask. Could it be I’m afraid of being let down? What if I ask Him and it doesn’t happen? What does that say about who God is and how He feels about me?

This week, I’m going to ask God to do one thing that I can’t do on my own. And even if He won’t do it or doesn’t throw the ball all the way to the sun, I’m going to walk away smiling and laughing.

Just like my children.

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