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      The ODG Apparel blog πŸ“–

      So much more than cool apparel.


      our dna 🧬

      ⏱ Read Time: 2-3 min

      We put together a list of things that are really important to us, we can even call them our DNA. 

      If you have ever wondered what we are about, you should definitely check this out.

      Click below to learn about the heartbeat and DNA of our brand.

      I failed 2019

      ⏱ Read Time: 2-3 min

      I always start the year off with a ton of goals & resolutions. And 2019 was no different. 

      You get it.And every year, right around December 26th, it all starts to set in. 

      I didn't do anything I set out to.I mean I did some of it, sort of.But not like I hoped I would.I failed...

      christian, you don't need kanye

      ⏱ Read Time: 3-5 min

      This is something that we have been thinking about for awhile. 

      But before you get frustrated, or confused you should click below and just give it a read. 

      We think this is a pretty important read.

      don't be a demas

      ⏱ Read Time: 1-2 min

      Want to know who the saddest character in the Bible is? His name is Demas.

      You might be thinking, "Demas? Who the heck is Demas?"And you aren't alone. Most people probably don't know who he is. 

      Yet, he is truly one of the saddest stories in the entire Bible

      Be still, I got this - God

      ⏱ Read Time: 1 min

      I recently preached a sermon on the passage in Psalm where it reads, "Be still & know that I am God."

      But I think I got this verse wrong for a long time, check out this post & see what I learned!

      All upside down

      ⏱ Read Time: 2-3 min

      In Revelation 4, John tells us what he sees in his vision of heaven. And it's nuts.

      We see people throwing their crowns at the feet of God. But why?!

      your best isn't good enough

      ⏱ Read Time: 3-4 min

      That phrase may be super jarring. "Wait, why would you say that my best isn't good enough?! That is terrible."

      But what if that is the best news ever? What if that is exactly what you need to hear?

      what does tetelestai mean?

      ⏱ Read Time: 2-3 min

      The last words of Jesus on the cross were this phrase: Tetelestai. 

      It is Greek for "It is Finished!" But what did he mean? And why is that important for us today?

      Was Jesus Plan B?

      ⏱ Read Time: 2-3 min

      So Adam & Eve they eat this fruit in the garden and all hell breaks loose. 

      Was God surprised? Did this mess up God's plan?

      Believe in someone

      ⏱ Read Time: 2-3 min

      Why is it so easy to believe in things? Werewolves, the lochness monster, and Sasquatch. People actually believe in them. 

      But Jesus? That is way harder.


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