Author //  David Cotrone jr.     Read Time // 3 minutes    Date // february 03, 2019

You've probably heard the word grace before. You've probably heard the word mercy before. But have you ever really understood what the difference is? 

Here's the difference: 

Mercy is someone keeping something from you that you deserve.

So when Jesus has mercy on us, it's Him not giving us what we deserve.  

You and I deserve punishment for our sins. You and I deserve to be disconnected from the father because we've sinned against Him. But that's mercy when He says we're not going to give you what you deserve. 

And what's grace? 

Grace is the opposite in a sense. Grace is giving someone an awesome thing that they don't deserve.

So not only does Jesus give us mercy, not only does Jesus save us from the terrible thing that could come from God and His wrath because of our sin because of our unholiness- there's grace. Grace is the gift of God.  

So when Jesus saves us, He doesn't only wipe our slate clean. There's a word called imputation- He actually imputes His right to us. When Jesus was on this earth He was perfect . Why? So that when He saved us He could transfer that obedience to our account. So in our account is this awesome, perfect, righteous relationship with the Father that Jesus created for us, that Jesus lived for us.So everything is grace.

Everything is a gift. The good things and the bad things.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

-- Romans 8:28

ALL things. It doesn't say all things except for the bad things. Suffering, nakedness, shame, brokenness, death, disease, cancer- ALL thing work together for GOOD. 

Our God is so big, He's so capable- He uses all things to compel us to Jesus. 

If in 80 years (on this earth) there are a few light and  momentary afflictions- but they're working for us in an eternal way to glory and a greater relationship with God the Father- ALL is Grace. 

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