5 Tips for sharing your faith

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If you have been hanging around our site & our brand, you know that the truth we are built on is this: 

We need to be sharing our faith.

We need to be telling our story.

We need to be strengthening our faith sharing muscles.  

We need to be having conversations about Jesus.

And most of the time that is doesn't come naturally.

This is why we created ODG Apparel.

So here is my first tip: Seek Jesus

It sounds simple. 

And it is, but most of the time it isn't easy.

So often, we talk about going out into the world & telling them about Jesus, and faith, and heaven and how much He loves them, and all of that but we miss something so key, so simple…

We can’t tell a world about Jesus if we don’t know Him. 

You need to know Jesus before you go tell the world about Him.
He wants to know you.

And He wants you to know Him.

What does He like? What does He not like? 

The only way to know this is to seek Him.

Get to know Him.

Fall in love with Him. 

And that happens like it would in any relationship by spending time with Him...

...in the Bible.

...in Christian community.

...in your local church.

...in sacrificial mission like Him.

And our hope is that we could be, even a small, help in this process of YOU getting to know the ONE who made you. It is why we started our podcast, and our blog, and why we are always pointing you to other blogs and ministries on our social media.

We create apparel to help people like you have more conversations about Jesus but if you don't know who He is, then it doesn't matter if you wear our clothes or not. You need to know Him to have those conversations. 

He wants you and your whole heart, before He wants you out there sharing about Him.

So seek Him, He cannot wait to be found by you.

You have a story to tell.

If you are following Jesus, then you have a story to tell.

Obviously, we all have a story to tell, but when we are following Jesus we have this amazing story of death to life.

We used to be dead, but He made us alive. (Ephesians 2:5)

We all have a story of how Jesus has changed us & made us new.

And for some of us that story is big & crazy and for others it is simple. 

Either way. You have a story to tell.

You need to tell your story.. 

But before you do, you need to know it. 

So here is my tip: Sit down and write out your story. If you were going to tell the story of how Jesus saved you, what would you say?

Write that down.

Answer the questions that people might ask about it. 

What was life like before Jesus?

What is life like now?

What is different?

Who is Jesus?

What has Jesus done for you?

Write it down.

There is something special about when you write something down.

And after you write it down, practice sharing it.

Sitting with a sheet of paper and answering questions like this & honestly just thinking through your story will help you tell it better. 

We could help you have more conversations about Jesus with our designs, but if you don't know how to tell the story of what Jesus did for you, it won't matter. 

Take some time today and do this, get comfortable with your story and that will help you share it!

Ever tried telling someone about your faith & Jesus? Yeah, it can get a little uncomfortable. But if we are going to share our faith (Heads up, Jesus commands us to share our faith) we are going to get uncomfortable. 

We need to be OK with it, and we need to realize that it is part of it all.

We need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

That doesn't mean that we need to be weird, or actively make sharing our faith uncomfortable. Oh goodness, please don't do that. 

We should be doing everything in our power to make sharing our faith as seamless and comfortable with the world around us as possible. 

Please, no picket signs.

No yelling or screaming at people.

Be smart and creative in your pursuit of having more conversations with the people around you about Jesus.

This is the heartbeat of ODG Apparel. And hear me, this isn't just a sales pitch. This is why we exist. We wanted to create ways for people to actually have conversations about Jesus. Not yelling matches.

Life change happens in those simple moments of being comfortable in the uncomfortable. 

Our designs are all created with the sole purpose of making someone ask, "What does that mean?" so whether it is a sticker on your laptop, or a hoodie, you can point them to Jesus.

HEAR THIS: It will still be uncomfortable. Having conversations with strangers (or friends!) about Jesus will always be a little uncomfortable, but our hope is that with each new conversation you can become more comfortable telling the story of who Jesus is and what He has done for you.

You have to get comfortable being a uncomfortable. And you do that by trusting Jesus in each and every moment, to lead you, and carry you. He is really good at it.

Look for opportunities in ordinary moments. 

Some of the biggest mistakes we can make as Christians trying to share our faith is to think we can only do it in grand gestures and special moments. 

You don’t have to only share your faith in these big crazy ways, it can happen, and should happen in really simple moments.

Be prayerful each day to ask God how He can lead you into ordinary, gospel conversations with the people around you.

We believe that simple conversations with the world around us can change the world. It isn't about big moments, or loud concerts, it is about simple, consistent pursuit of the people around you to have real, warm conversations about the Savior of the Universe.

Something as simple as how you care for your co-workers, or how much you listen in class to your teachers, or even a t-shirt can point someone towards Jesus. 

In ordinary moments, Jesus calls us to be light in a dark world.

At work on your lunch break.
In the school library studying for exams.
At Starbucks hanging with friends.
At the beach playing frisbee.

Before you go do something, anything, spend a few minutes in your car or on your way there praying for what is about to happen and the people you might encounter. 

Jesus loves using ordinary moments.

What are you doing to see Him in those ordinary moments?

This is the most important tip we can offer.

Sooner or later, you just need to do it. 

You need to go and have that conversation with that friend or co-worker.

Sharing your faith isn't easy, it isn't comfortable, and it isn't convenient. But it is worth it. 

We are called to go out into the world & be missionaries proclaiming the good news of Jesus. This is our life's work. Everything we do in our life should look, at its core, like missionary work.

Why? Because Jesus is worth it. And people need Him. And He loves saving people who don't know Him. 

Don't be surprised that you have to practice. Each and every day, as often as you remember, set your mind on Him and your heart and be reminded that the world around us doesn't know him, but they need to. They get to!

He is a really good savior & the world needs one of those! Will you tell them? Will you go? Will you do whatever is necessary to make sure they know?

This is what we are all about as a company -- starting & having as many conversations as we can with the world around us about the savior that has come to rescue us from ourselves!

Just do it. Today. Share this wonderful news with the people in your world that God has placed there for this very moment.

If we can help at all, please let us know! Reach out to us on Instagram or Snapchat, or wherever and let us pray with you. Let us serve you however we can. We exist to help start 1 million conversations about Jesus. 

Go share. Do it with grace. Gentleness. Care. Respect. Not with signs and banners & big gestures. Do it in the quiet, day to day of your life. Right where Jesus has you with the people that Jesus has you with. (And if you need a shirt to help you do it, like I did, don't be embarrassed. Do whatever it takes.)

Just do it. It's worth it. He's worth it. 

He will be with you always. 

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