Author //  Ryan Day Read Time // 2-3 minutes    Date // APRIL 13, 2020

We hope everyone had a happy Easter weekend! 

If you’re like me, you get a little confused with the timeline of what happened when… it’s a very busy three days! 

Never fear because these 19 hilarious Twitter memes will help you keep it all straight! 

An Overview of Easter:

1. On Thursday, Jesus gathers His disciples for Passover.

2. At dinner, Jesus says Judas would betray Him

3. Oh yeah, and He predicted Peter’s denial as well.

4. That did NOT sit well with Peter.

5. After dinner, in Gethsemane, Jesus asks if there’s another way.

6. And later that night, Jesus is arrested with Peter denying Him.

7. During his trial, Jesus is asked if He’s the Son of God.

8. So Pilate tries to wash his hands of this whole thing.

9. But Jesus, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross.

10. And even asks for God to forgive everyone involved.

11. On Saturday, Jesus… well we don’t know what Jesus did.

12. But on Sunday, Jesus was resurrected!

13. Boy, Satan could not have been happy to see Jesus alive.

14. The Roman guards had no idea where He was at.

15. And Mary Magdalene was the first to know!

16. So she ran to go tell all of her friends.

17. Some of the disciples… did not believe her right away.

18. But they all believed sooner or later.

19. And in the end, the Church had to decide what to call it.

Hope you all had a happy Easter!

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