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    OG. Urban Dictionary defines an O.G. as someone who has been around, an old school gangster. 

    And usually you'll hear names like Tupac and Biggie, Dre, but sadly, these men weren't the real thing. They may have been gangsters, but they weren't the real OGs. 

    See, we want to let you in on a little secret -- The real OGs died way earlier. And for a greater cause. And had way better beards (usually).

    We call them ODGs - Old Dead Guys or Old Dead Gangsters. Either one works, but we prefer the second one. 

    ODGs were men (& women!) who planted their feet in a sin-torn world and set their sights on Christ. They preached Christ, and Christ alone. Whether it was Spurgeon in front of 10,000 without a microphone or Luther nailing the 95 theses, ODGs are men who gave their lives for the Gospel even if everyone else around them opposed them.

    These men are the real gangsters.

    The irony is not lost on us that a shirt like this may have well been laughable to men and women who have long since passed who walked closely with the Lord. 

    Why make a clothing line to honor them? My hope is that this line of clothing can serve as a bridge between a culture of men and women that is lost to so many today. 

    This line initially started with the "Gangster Ts" and has evolved into some other ideas as well. All in all, We hope to honor God by producing stuff that is made well, designed well, and have some chance of opening up the door to a conversation about the Gospel! 

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