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5 Tips for sharing your faith like you are
supposed to!

1. You need to know it before you can share it. As a Christian you should be sharing your faith. You know that. You think about it sometimes, but you struggle about what to say or how to say it - Go to the Word & learn. Read it everyday, spend time with Jesus in His Word everyday to learn what the good news really is. 

2. Just like everything else, you need to practice sharing it. For some reason we think that talking with others about Jesus is just going to happen spontaneously without any practice. It is awkward and weird sometimes to talk about Jesus. We need to practice doing it. For example, write the answer to the question, "What is the good news?" every day on a piece of paper for 30 days or a week and practice how you should communicate it. This helps you get more comfortable with it.

3.It is kind of hard to share your faith or to have conversations about Jesus when you aren't out in the world! You need to put yourself in situations where you are engaging with the world around you. Join an art class, or start volunteering at an after school program, or whatever your passionate about. We can't keep running from the world around us. We can't just create a Christian bubble & live in it. We need to go into the world. Be a part of it. Whether it is work or a hobby, engage with the world around you and you will definitely be a better spot to have Jesus convos!

 4.Pray that God would use every encounter to help you strike up a Jesus convo with someone! Before you walk into the grocery store, or your English 101 class, pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray about opportunities and pray that you would have the words to say. Pray that He would use even the smallest details to help you strike up a conversation, the shirt your wearing, or the type of music others hear you listening to, or the car you drive, or whatever. Pray that God would lead you into conversations with the world around you!

 5. Simply put... You need to just do it. Opportunities will come up. God will put conversations in your way and you need to simply go for it. Talk to people about who Jesus is and what he has done in your life. Tell them your story. Or ask if you can pray for them. Don't make it weird or bigger than it is. Be simple. And bold. And maybe a little awkward sometimes, but you just need to have more Jesus focused convos with the world around you. So when they come up just go for it. God is with you.

We make it so much harder than it has to be sometimes.

I remember once when I was in college someone I didn't know yelled across the hall at me and said,

"Yo! There is free Chick-fil-a on the lawn by the pool!"

We fist bumped as we passed each other and I thanked him for telling me. Then I ran over to the front lawn and grabbed myself two beautiful, delicious chick-fil-a sandwiches. The rest of the day, I told everyone I saw, whether I knew them or not, "Free Chick-fil-a! Go get it! Front lawn by the pool!"

See, here is the thing: It is really good news when they give out free Chick-fil-a. It is news that people want to hear. They want their lives interrupted. They want someone to tell them about it. They don't care if they know the person, they want to hear it. They want to know. But the good news of Jesus is better. 

We make this harder than it has to be. We overthink it. We forget that Jesus is this free, amazing, beautiful Rescuer who has come to bring peace to the weary world. You have that. You know that. You need to go out and tell the world. Whatever it takes. Go tell the world that there is a free gift for them in Jesus and all they have ever needed is in him.

- David | Founder of ODG Apparel