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From the beginning, there has been a war between our God and Satan — between the kingly lion with all power and the lowly snake who works to deceive us.

In the Garden, Satan disguised himself as a serpent and deceived Eve and then Adam into disobeying God. As a result, God declares that we would be at war with the snake and that while the snake would bruise the heel of Jesus, Jesus would bruise the snake’s head and win in the end.

And that’s exactly what happened! Satan used Judas to “bruise the heel” of Jesus and have Him sent to the cross. But Jesus was resurrected into eternal life, “bruising the head” of Satan.

Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace, Son of God, Snake Killer.

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Snake Killer T-Shirt
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Snake Killer Sticker
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Snake Killer Crewneck Sweatshirt
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Snake Killer Hoodie
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Snake Killer Poster
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Snake Killer Youth Tee
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Snake Killer Baseball Tee
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Snake Killer Women's Racerback Tank
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