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    Luther 500

    500 years ago, on Oct. 31, 1517, an outspoken university lecturer and Augustinian monk named Martin Luther posted 95 of his grievances against the way things were done in the Catholic Church. He had caught a glimpse of Jesus in the Word and saw something wholly different, opposite even, of the church of his day. Luther, against all odds, and in light of suffering, stepped out as a watchmen, a prophet. He, by God's grace, started a reformation.

    Out of this sparked what we know today as Protestantism. He stood up for Christ, when seemingly no one else would. His boldness speaks even today. Martin Luther embodies what ODG stands for. Old Dead Guys. Old Dead Gangsters. Men & women who went before us. Who paved a way. Who stood up against false teaching, even if it meant their life. Christ was all to them. This design, is simply a gesture, a tipping of our hat to the man who went before us. You will see the 500 pattern background as well as the hands of Luther making the number 500.

    This one's for you Marty.
    Luther 500 T-Shirt
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    Luther 500 V-Neck
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    Luther 500 Longsleeve
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    Luther 500 Mug
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    Luther 500 Women's Tee
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    Luther 500 Hoodie
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    Luther 500 Baseball Tee
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    Luther 500 Tank
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