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Lions and lambs don’t typically hang out together because, well, animals don’t like to spend very much time with other animals that eat them.

But that’s exactly how our God describes how it’s going to be with Jesus. The lamb will lie down with the lion. The wolf will dwell with the lamb. The leopard shall lie down with the goat.

That’s the kind of peace we can expect with Jesus.

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Lion + Lamb Dad Hat
  • $44.99 USD
Lion + Lamb Embroidered T-Shirt
  • $27.99 USD
Lion and Lamb Snapback Hat
  • $44.99 USD
Lion and Lamb Five Panel Cap
  • $44.99 USD
Lion and Lamb Knit Beanie
  • $44.99 USD
Lion + Lamb Champion Jacket
  • $99.99 USD
Lion + Lamb Neck Gaiter
  • $29.99 USD