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      When Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan, the Holy Spirit took the form of a dove and descended as the Father spoke over it all. It’s one of the few times when all three members of the trinity are visibly present and active at the same time.

      The gift of new life in baptism, set by the example of Jesus, is why there’s a dove pouring water into your heart — with the three parts of the Trinity overlapping in the background.

      Joy is a powerful gift and it can easily be stolen. As you go about your day, rejoice even in the hard work and toil. God has given you what you need and He’s given you the ability to accept your lot in life. God will keep you occupied with joy in your heart.

      If you let Him.
      Joy Sticker Joy Sticker
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      Joy T-Shirt Joy T-Shirt
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      Joy Pouch Joy Pouch
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      Joy Tote Joy Tote
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      Joy Women's Tee Joy Women's Tee
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