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What does grace mean? It’s undeserved favor. You’re guilty, you’re not worthy, you didn’t earn it — but you still get a gift you don’t deserve.

So why is it important that you don’t deserve the grace of God?

Because if money or work or status could make God love you, we’d be an even bigger mess than we already are. There’d be looting in the streets and self-centered backstabbing would be even more rampant than it already is. A child born into poverty would be without hope.

But that’s not the way God’s grace works. The gifts of God are given freely because He is good.

No money. No striving. No effort. Grace alone.

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Grace Alone Sticker
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Grace Alone T-Shirt
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Grace Alone Spiral Journal
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Grace Alone Longsleeve
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Grace Alone Journal - Ruled Line
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Grace Alone Phone Case
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Grace Alone 15oz Mug
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Grace Alone Pouch
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Grace Alone Poster
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Grace Alone Journal - Blank
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Grace Alone 11oz Mug
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