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      Born 2x

      It’s not a misprint. We put the word “born” on there twice. But why?

      A Pharisee by the name of Nicodemus had the same question when Jesus kept talking about needing to be born again:

      “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born?”

      Jesus explained that it’s not about being physically born again. It refers to a spiritual birth — a regeneration of the human spirit from the Holy Spirit.

      Don’t be like Nicodemus. The first born is important. But the second born is necessary.
      Born 2x Sticker
      From $4.99 USD
      Born 2x T-Shirt Born 2x T-Shirt
      From $32.99 USD
      Born 2x Hoodie Born 2x Hoodie
      From $59.99 USD
      Born 2x Pin
      $3.99 USD
      Born 2x Tank Born 2x Tank
      From $36.99 USD
      Born 2x Women's Tee Born 2x Women's Tee
      From $36.99 USD
      Born 2x Poster Born 2x Poster
      From $15.99 USD
      Born 2x Face Mask Born 2x Face Mask
      $19.99 USD
      Born 2x 15oz Mug Born 2x 15oz Mug
      $22.49 USD
      Born 2x 11oz Mug Born 2x 11oz Mug
      $19.99 USD