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    Ever been texting someone and you realize your autocorrect is the most annoying thing in the world and it texted the wrong word? God only knows why autocorrect is as horrible as it is. But when it happens, we immediately, out of fear and shame and pure embarrassment, resend the correct text message with a little asterisk (*) up at the end of the word to make sure the person knows, "Hey, I am not a spaz. I didn't mean to send woulldlld, I meant to write would*" See, Jesus was dead but then the disciples realized pretty quickly that they were wrong, he wasn't dead anymore. He was alive*. Get it? Yeah. Pretty cool.

    Jesus is dead.
    Jesus is alive.*
    Jesus was* dead. 

    Go tell people.
    Alive.* Sticker
    $3.99 USD
    Alive.* T-Shirt
    From $24.99 USD
    Alive.* Dad Hat
    $29.99 USD
    Alive.* Women's Tee
    From $24.99 USD
    Alive.* Longsleeve
    From $29.99 USD
    Alive.* Tank
    From $26.99 USD
    Alive.* V-Neck
    From $26.99 USD