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“E.T. phone home…”

The first disciples encouraged the early churches with many different stories that could help them understand how better to follow Jesus — sheep who have gone astray, clay in need of a potter, and… aliens not of this world?

No, really! It’s right there in the Bible! Peter describes Christians as sojourners, exiles, and aliens who should treat the desires of this world as something completely foreign to them. Why?

Because heaven is our home. And as aliens in exile, every time we pray we “phone home” in a way to the God who loves us and leads us.

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Real Aliens Pray Hoodie
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Aliens Crewneck Sweatshirt
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Aliens Pray Dad hat
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Aliens Pray Snapback Hat
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Aliens Pray Champion Jacket
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Aliens Pray Knit Beanie
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Aliens Pray Five Panel Cap
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