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    About this Design...

    Agape is the greek word for love... Well there are few words for love in greek, but agape is this special kind of love. Like deep, deep unconditional, gospel sort of love. The love God has for his people. The love God puts in our hearts for him. That is agape love.

    This is a little play on that word. Ag APE. Agape. Our hope is that people would see it and try to make sense of it. But when they can't, they'll ask you about it. 

    Then you get to tell them about the gospel. 

    Agape Sticker
    $3.99 USD
    AGAPE T-Shirt
    From $24.99 USD
    AGAPE Baseball Tee
    From $27.99 USD
    AGAPE Hoodie
    From $39.99 USD
    AGAPE Mug
    From $15.00 USD
    Agape Women's V-Neck Tee
    From $26.99 USD
    AGAPE Tank
    From $26.99 USD
    AGAPE Tote
    $16.99 USD
    AGAPE V-Neck
    From $14.01 USD