Your Best Isn't Good Enough

Happy National Workaholics Day! Today is the day we celebrate YOU.

Your hard work.
Your grind.
Your sacrifice.

And I want you to know one simple truth that's helped me to keep going...

Your best isn't good enough. And it never will be.

Wait. That can't be right. Confidence is good. Discipline is good. My best isn't good enough some days... sure... but it's good enough other days, right?


Your best wasn't good enough yesterday.
Your best isn't good enough today.
And your best won't be good enough tomorrow.

You and I hear the opposite of this pretty often, don't we? Success is about being productive and profitable and positive.

But in the Christian worldview, success is not defined by any of these things.

Let's say you live 100 years. That's 36,500 days. 876,000 hours. 52,560,000 minutes. 3,153,600,000 seconds.

If God surveyed every single second of your life and found your absolute best one your literal most kind, holy, and dedicated second of existence. That moment in time would not be good enough.

That's because success is not defined by anything you do.
It's defined by what Jesus did.

And thank God that He doesn't look for a shred of goodness in us! You see, if your best could be good enough, it’d be all up to you. It would be possible for you to do it all. Peace with God? Eternal fate of your soul? Answering for sin? That’s a lot of pressure.

Remind yourself that your best isn't good enough today. But don't stay there. Let it move you into hope. Because His best is good enough. His best is way more than good enough.