He Only Gave Us Crowns So We Could Put Them At His Feet

WLAK-Cypher wrote that line in his song "Imagine" back in 2012. The lyric has always caught my attention whenever I listened to it.

He only gave us crowns so we could put them at his feet.

It reminds me of Revelation 4. 

John takes this chapter in the Bible to describe an amazing scene of worship—a scene that has been happening in some form or another since before time. God is being worshipped by all sorts of creatures, some that look like us and some that look like they're out of Narnia. But what they have in common is that everything... everything... that has breath is worshipping God on His throne. 

And some of them have crowns on their head. They fall down. They cast their crowns. They worship.

CAST /KAST/1. throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction.

These elders (as they're called by John) throw their crowns forcefully toward the throne. It’s like they can’t even hold it together in God’s presence. They see Him and lose it. They throw their crowns as far as they can. 

I can almost hear them clanking and banging and breaking as they bounce and slide toward his throne.

They don’t just place it down. They don’t keep it on, that’s for sure.

They take it off.
They throw it.
They don’t do it gently.
They forcefully throw it.
They use their muscles.
They put some umph behind it.
They cannot stand having this crown.

They literally chuck it across heaven.

They see God and they grab their crowns and with all their might and force throw it as far away from them as possible. 

Here's the point: When we see God EVERYTHING changes.

Everything we used to hold dear becomes nothing in an instant. 

Those things you hoped heaven would be, you don't even care about anymore—you will see Jesus and chuck out everything you thought you wanted and needed and say, "Yes, I want that! I want Him!"

These elders, in heaven, I would imagine their crowns are no joke. These are super fancy, heaven-style crowns and they can’t get rid of them fast enough. They toss them like a frisbee.

He only gave us crowns so we can put them at his feet.
He only gave us crowns so we can forcefully throw them away.
He only gave us crowns so we could see that even these crowns are nothing in comparison to him.

Here is what I think clicked for those elders in heaven... In comparison to God, a crown is nothing. This super valuable heavenly crown is of no value, in comparison.

“I don’t even want it on my head in his presence” thinks the elder. 

The same is true for us.

All of our blessings.
All of our money.
All of our talents.
All of our “good” things.

Nothing in comparison to God Himself.

All of our crowns should be upside down in light of him. You just can't help it, when you see God in Jesus, you can't help but bow down and lose your crown.