Happy Mother's Day: Anyone Else Struggling Right Now?

I walked through the front door into absolute chaos. 

Matthew hadn’t napped in days and was climbing all over my wife. 

Ruthie was yelling and screaming in the hallway at the top of her lungs. 

Maiken, my wife, was hunched over on the ground… angry, frustrated, sad, and lost. 

I put my lunch in the microwave and sat down on the floor with Maiken. My son had just put a foot in her side and was using her hair as a grip to get to the top of her head. My daughter was still at full volume. My wife was trying to make the best of an exhausting day and half-jokingly said: 

“I kinda hate my life right now. I wish I could explain it more than that, but I can’t even hear myself think with one kid kicking me in the face and another screeching five feet away.” 

We got through the day and tried to smile at each other. I looked at our calendar. 

“Only… a few thousand more of these until they’re both out of the house, right?” 

We laughed. But then Maiken responded with something that let me know she had far more strength and grace than I’ll ever have: 

“I’ll miss these days when they’re gone.” 

This Mother’s Day is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. God willing, we will never have to live through another global pandemic—quarantined to our homes and forsaking friends and extended family in the name of social distancing. 

But in her comment, my wife was showing me there is a silver lining to all of this. In the midst of days that are exhausting and nights where we can’t go out, she has a gift for our kids. 


While I’m at work, she has more time than she’ll ever have in her life with both our kids. 



In what could be a season remembered by their tantrums and her tiredness, my wife is trying to be as present with our children as she possibly can be. It’s one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever had the chance to witness. 

To all the moms who at some point recently have kinda hated their life and pushed through it anyway to love your kids… 

Thank you. 

Happy Mother’s Day.