Growing In Grace: Plant Yourself In Good Soil

Grace is crucial in motherhood, not just because kids need grace (which they absolutely do!) but because children need to see their parents extending grace to themselves and to others. Thank God we have Jesus Christ, the only perfect example, whose grace is always pure, never earned, and readily available to us. 

But it starts with us, as parents, filling ourselves up everyday. Because grace can't be a performance. If we aren't living in the grace of God ourselves, we won't be what our children really need and crave.

For me, grace is something that has been life defining. And no, not just because my name is Karis (Charis χάρις) which is the Greek word for grace. The Bible teaches that our need for grace is essential. That in our inmost places, new life cannot happen if we do not understand our deep need for God’s overwhelming grace. The grace of God shown in Scripture is the kind that uproots the old and plants you in new, rich soil in which growth is not just possible, but undeniably going to happen. 

We should be like the tree in Psalm 1firmly rooted, yielding fruit in the right seasons. Grace is the perfect soil to dig deep into. That was God’s plan from the beginning.

In her book Godmothers, Lisa Bevere says: 

“The day is coming when you will realize that God’s grace for your children is bigger than your mess-ups. He will redeem your motherhood flaws.”

So whether you are a mother or not, we all are on this journey of grace. Motherhood is just one area where our flaws seem to smack us in the face daily.

My question to you...

What will you do with your flaws and mistakes and mess-ups?

If I'm being honest, my tendency is to minimize or justify why they happened in the first place:

If I would’ve gotten more sleep, I would be kinder.
If my husband would have helped in this one area, I wouldn’t snap so easily.
If I could just have one day off, I would have been more patient. 

And sure, sleeping in or a day off would be nice, but God tells me I have been given all the grace I need for today. That truth allows me to plant myself in the garden of God’s grace, take it into the depths of my being, and begin to heal from the inside out. It starts with me and flows out to others around me. 

When you root yourself in the soil of God’s grace, beautiful flowers will bloom.


This was a guest blog written by our friend Karis Derus.